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Computer Services for your Home and Small Business in the Greater Atlanta Area

Laptop Screen Replacement / How to replace laptop screen Dell Inspiron 5566

Computer Services for your Home and Small Business in the Greater Atlanta Area
Hello, thank you so much for watching this tutorial, brought to you by Universal IT Technologies. I would love for everyone to subscribe, like and hit that bell so you’ll be notified for new great content. Today we are going to do a screen replacement on a Dell Inspiron 5566 model. We got the replacement from laptopscreen.com, I’ll post the link to the exact screen below on the description. Enough with the mumble jumbo, let’s get to work!
First step is to open up the screen bezel using a Jimmy knife from ifixit.com, and a Philips Head Screwdriver, yes I strongly recommend ifixit but any other brand will do just fine.
Let’s get started. I’m going to pry off the bezel, take your time, and if you are not feeling comfortable doing this work, you can always call us at (770) 702-0270 (Schedule an appointment) and you can hire us to the work for you. Just take your time, don’t rush. Now take off the 4 screws, as you can see. After taking off the screws, now its time to disconnect the display cable. You can peel off the tape. You can use your spudger to lift the display cable latch and pull the cable out, take your time.

A tip for everyone, if you are needing of a screen repair replacement, and not sure of what model to get, you can take a picture of the information that is on the back of the screen and send it to laptop screen.com so they can provide you with the correct screen.

Now, you can put in the new screen on. Get it close to the display connector, slide it in, and you can close the latch. You can put the tape back on and we are going to test the new screen. Volia, it works!

The computer is turned off and now its time to put the screws back on.

Let’s put the screws back on. After you put the screws back on, you can take out the protective film out. Afterwards, it’s time to put the bezel on, take your time. Once the bezel is snapped back together, you can give another test. It’s finished! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, and hit the notification bell for more content and tutorials from us. Also, let us know if you need us for your IT and computer repair needs. Alright, thank you, and have a great day.