Network IT Installer

We Set up the Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi Adapters, Computers, and Servers for your Entire Network in the Greater Atlanta Area

Network IT Installation Services

Our IT Outsourcing services provides small to mid-range business full IT support. We do want to develop a long-lasting relationship with companies for years to come plus we always have updated products and services so everything will be up and running smoothly.

Once we finish doing the Ethernet wiring of your new building, we can be your network IT Installer. We will come in to set up the routers, switches, Wi-Fi adapters, computers, and servers for your entire network. Also, our company has various manufacture agreements (Value Added Reseller) to resell their products.

Here are a few brands that Universal IT Technologies are partners with.

  1. Cisco
  2. Cisco Meraki
  3. Linksys
  4. Netgear
  5. Ubiquiti
network it installation 2
network it installation