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Ethernet Cabling Services

Welcome to your new office building! Unfortunately, the place is completely new or vacated by the previous owner without any kind of  Ethernet cabling. Choosing the right kind of cable can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Whether you have a small or large network, we can come in to do an onsite survey so we can go over your cabling  and network needs. Our technicians are trained to be sure that our work complies with building code regulations. We do work at residential and commercial properties but also if you have a home that is pre-wired without the Ethernet cable being properly terminated. No worries, we can connect the Ethernet connectors and Ethernet keystone wall jacks so your home network will be online. In addition, if one of your Ethernet data wall jacks at your office or home are not working, we can come out to troubleshoot and fix it.

We do Ethernet wiring cabling installations for commercial buildings. If you are a residential homeowner that has pre-existing wiring that needs to be terminated with Ethernet keystone wall jacks or Ethernet connectors, we will be more than glad to do the work for you!

Types of Ethernet Cabling.

  1. Cat 5e – 100MHZ, Theoretical Top Speed 1000Mbps.
  2. Cat 6 – 250 MHz, Theoretical Top Speed 10 Gbps over 33-55 meters (110-165 feet) of cable.
  3. Cat 7 – 1000 MHz, Theoretical Top Speed 10 Gbps over 100 meters of cable.

To future proof your network, we recommend getting Cat 6 and up!

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