Managed IT Services Provider

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Managed IT Services Provider

Not happy with your current IT team, we would love to be your IT service provider for your company. We will come to you to install, fix any computer or IT needs that you may have. We do provide monthly plans (parts are extra)

Corporate accounts are welcomed. If your company decides to hire us to assist in your IT needs, we are here to help. Our IT Outsourcing Services Are:

  1. Onsite Technical Repair or Upgrade
  2. Computer Setups
  3. Data Backup
  4. Business Continuity


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Tackling Technology Needs

Technology is evolving every day and accelerating your organization’s digital trajectory is more urgent than ever before. To succeed, organizations need to constantly innovate and drive their strategy, implementation, and governance towards providing measurable benefits for their customers. However, most modern enterprises, today, struggle in balancing business and technology needs.

  • The key technology challenges that modern enterprise navigate are:
  • Keeping up with rapid advances in technology
  • Scaling technology to meet business needs
  • Attracting and retaining the top IT Talent
  • Managing costs and risks
    Managing paradigm shift to the cloud
  • Managing data storage and recovery
  • Protecting the business against expanding & evolving threat landscape

Address and overcome these challenges by partnering with Universal IT Technologies!

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What Is Managed IT Service?

Companies of all shapes and sizes depend more than ever on IT. Transaction data, personnel records, production software, CRMs, ERPs — these things and much more all exist within and depend upon the technology that businesses employ.

In most cases, if the technology stops working, the business stops functioning.

This is precisely why the old model of IT support known as “break/fix” is no longer an option. If a business waits for something to break, it’s already too late. When systems are only serviced after they fail, productivity, customers, and profits are lost. In many ways, this is operational chaos, putting everyone in a frantic state until the break/fix technician arrives to start working on the problem.

What business owner wants to sit on their hands while their operation loses money? (Not very many.)

Managed IT services solve these problems at the root of the issue. Rather than being reactive or the business owner wasting time trying to troubleshoot their own problems, managed IT services help prevent IT issues from happening at all. Through remote management tools, managed service providers see into your IT operations 24/7/265, not only when they are on-site. This allows them to spot and address minor issues before they build up to a business-disrupting problem. The name of the game is proactive support, which works to prevent surprise IT calamities that waste time and money.

Partnering with an experienced managed IT provider is having an on-call IT department that is always watching out for your business.

HAVE QUESTIONS? The team at Universal IT will be glad to answer any questions you may have about how managed IT services can transform your business. Call us today at (770) 702 – 0270.

We include the annual IT Tech Plan at no additional costs when you order your computer rigs!

Parts have a limited 15-day warranty.